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Ransomware Preventi​​on

When ransomware strikes, it’s not your data that’s at risk, but your whole business. A robust data protection strategy with immutability and offsite backups can be the difference between business as usual and all operations grinding to a halt. The processes that protect your data from ransomware are simple to implement and inexpensive compared to the potential cost of ransom payment (not to mention days to weeks of lost productivity).

Compare how ClSpace is 75% cheaper than other well known cloud storage provider

ClSpace Hot Cloud Storage is priced at $.008 per GB/month ($4.00 per 500GB/month). Unlike Amazon S3 and comparable services from Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure, ClSpace does not charge for egress requests. Start Today and try our Storage our storage service today for free .

ClSpace service charges are calculated in accordance with the terms describe​d below. 

What is the basis for the pricing claim that 
ClSpace™ is 75% less ​pricey than AWS S3?

To better explain this comparison statement, let’s consider a simple example for 1 TB of storage and 10% of this storage downloaded per month (100 GB):

  AWS S3 = [$.023/GB/mo(storage)*1024 GB/TB] + [$.09/GB(egress) * 100 GB] = $32.52
  ClSpace = $8.00/TB/mo(storage)+ $0/GB(egress) = $8.00
  ClSpace total charges of $8.00 are ~75% less than AWS S3’s total charge of $32.52

Note that this is a simple example using ClSpace Cloud Storage pricing for US and European regions that doesn’t factor in additional AWS charges regarding API requests and other fees. For a more detailed examination of AWS S3 pricing, please review the AWS pricing calculator that can be found here.

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